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Adventures in Basset Hounds
We've been proud Basset Hound owners for over 13 years now.

Someone once said Bassets are like potato can't have just one.  Schroeder, Sophie and Lucy were our first three.

After I had been showing Boxers for a couple of years, we decided our next Basset addition would be for show.  I decided to join the local Basset Hound club and started networking, studying the breed standard, watching, listening and learning.  We are very lucky to have had so many great people that were willing to take us under their wing and "show us the way". 

We have made lifetime friends, and are now members of the Basset Hound Club of America.

We currently have 2 girls in the ring.  Felicia and Misty Mae.  Please click on their "Bone" to visit their pages! 

Felicia is my first AKC Champion/Grand Champion, in addition to being my first show basset.  I cannot thank Jane "Granny" Baetz and Bethany Berger enough for sending Felicia to us!  Their mentoring and friendship has been invaluable and we are extremely grateful and blessed to have Felicia!  She's a dream come true!

Misty Mae came to live with us in December 2019.  She was not a planned show dog, but after careful evaluation of breed standard and temperament, we gave it a go and she loved every minute of it (well, except for the toe nail grinding, but we are working on that)!!  With limited home training, she hit the ring and hasn't looked back.  We are super excited for her future and love having her in our pack! 

Unfortunately, Schroeder, Sophie and Lucy are having slobber fests at the Rainbow Bridge now.  We miss them terribly and look forward to seeing them when our day comes. 

As a tribute to all the love, life and laughter they gave us, please visit their "Bone" on the left.
L to R: Sophie, Lucy, Shroeder
L to R: Felicia, Misty Mae
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